About us           

CAN is a recycling and reuse tool that helps the arts combat the climate emergency. It gives you access to the materials you need for your creative projects by providing a place where materials and resources can be exchanged. CAN stands for Circular Arts Network, it’s an online platform that supports  a circular economy within the arts.


CAN encourages reuse across all artforms, it works by connecting people and organisations together.  CAN partners with other industries such as construction and manufacturing, helping creative communities access their surplus materials and supporting industry to be more sustainable.


It’s basically a Gumtree but for the arts. Finding affordable (or FREE!) materials and resources that are used by artists and makers in an easy and connected way.  CAN also facilitates the sharing of resources such as transport, equipment, time, and other essentials. We believe that by doing so, users will be able to make the most of their time and resources.


The National Theatre of Scotland, National Galleries Scotland, Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh University are among 700+ users who have already benefited from CAN.


CAN is not for profit, and is administrated by Sculpture Placement Group CIC.

Details of how to support CAN can be found here.

We welcome feedback, which you can give by emailing info@canarts.org.uk