We’re thrilled to announce a significant step towards enhancing our services and promoting sustainability within the arts community. Throughout the month of February, CAN  is introducing a groundbreaking initiative – a free eco collection and delivery service for all items exchanged or sold in Glasgow.

As an organization committed to simplifying the process of sharing and exchanging materials and resources within the arts, CAN has partnered with eco-friendly delivery and collection experts, Mungo’s Messengers, and CoWheels. This collaboration ensures that participants in our community have the opportunity to transport items of all sizes affordably and sustainably.

Our primary goal is to support a circular economy within the arts, fostering connections between individuals and organizations to facilitate the sharing of materials, goods, and services. This initiative is a testament to CAN’s commitment to combat the climate emergency by promoting reuse across all art forms.

Key Highlights of CAN’s Free Eco Collection and Delivery Service:

  1. Free Eco Collection and Delivery Service: Throughout February, CAN users in Glasgow can enjoy a complimentary eco collection and delivery service for all exchanged or sold items.

  2. Partnership with Eco-Friendly Experts: CAN has teamed up with Mungo’s Messengers and CoWheels to ensure environmentally conscious and efficient transportation of items, promoting affordability and sustainability.

  3. Glasgow Exclusive: Currently, the free collection and delivery service is available exclusively in the Glasgow area.

  4. Limited Funding Period: The service will be available until funding lasts, with a minimum commitment until the end of February.

  5. Support from Funders: CAN expresses gratitude for the support from funders Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland.

CAN, or Circular Arts Network, is an online platform dedicated to assisting the arts community in addressing the climate emergency. With over 1000 users, including prominent organizations like the National Theatre of Scotland, National Galleries Scotland, Glasgow School of Art, and Edinburgh University, CAN facilitates the exchange of materials and resources.

The platform connects construction companies with those in the creative industries, making excess construction materials available for creative projects and promoting a circular economy. Additionally, CAN encourages the sharing of resources such as transportation, equipment, and time, enabling users to maximize their resources effectively.

For more information on CAN’s Collection and Delivery services, please refer to the comprehensive guide available on our platform.

For inquiries or assistance, please contact CAN at

Thank you for joining us in this exciting and eco-conscious venture!